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  [Tokyo Nights] Fair rates and over charged for foreigners?
2010-06-03 14:20:45
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Until now escort companies refused to provide service to

foreigners, therefore foreigners had to pay unreasonable price,

receive low quality of service and got refused to get enter.

Anyone who has tried to use escort service or have visited

soap land in Japan will agree with this statement.

But, from now on, we are here to prevent this kind of issues and

as long as we do understand the rules and manners of Japanese

system, there will be no more over charged price and unreasonable

service will be provided


Fair rate is stated on the shop page on ‘Tokyo nights’ and that is

same amount to Locals in Tokyo, you can add options for an

extra charge if you like such as AF(Anal Sex), 2girl session , SM,

fetish whatever it stated in shop page.