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  [Tokyo Nights] Progress of reserve through Tokyo nights
2010-06-03 15:09:37
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1. Through Tokyo nights reservation form


    Choose an Escort Company on Tokyo nights and press the

Make reservation button below the shop page.




    Fill out the reservation form


   Confirm your booking details

    Once your reservation is made, you will receive a phone call

    from the escort company to confirm your booking


* They will confirm your name address and the price only


    Incase you do not receive a call, pleae call the escort company

    from you and say 


"TokyoNights Kara yoyakuwo shimashita

                                        kakuningo denwa kudasai"


2 Making reservation over the phone

   If your Japanese level is conversational we recommend you to

   make reservation directly over the phone,

   While you making reservation over the phone please mention

   you saw Tokyo nights for an additional discounts