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  [Tokyo Nights] Definition of business concepts (Hoteheru, Kinpatsu Deri, Pin Saro, Imekura, SM Kurabu, Onakura/Hando Esute)
2010-06-03 14:54:03
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Same type of service to Deriheru but, escorts do not provide long

distance outcall service as deriheru. Usually, Escort do not travel

no more than 10- 15 min walking distance from her location,

they are based around Hotel complex areas only


Kinpatsu Deri(金髪デリ)

Same type of service to Deriheru but, escorts are non Japanese

girls they are western girls.


Pin Saro(ピンサろ) 

A pink salon is unusual in that the service is offered in small booths

within a large open-plan room. The client is served soft drinks or

alcoholic beverages by the "companion" who performs fellatio on

him. There may also be additional activities such as fingering the

"companion" and sumata.



An image club, is a type of brothel in Japan similar to fashion

health parlors. They differ in that image clubs are themed along

popular sexual fantasies such as an office, a doctor's surgery, a

classroom, or a train carriage. The prostitutes themselves, whose

activities are usually limited to oral sex, wear exaggerated

costumes appropriate to the setting and the desire of the



Sensual massage with masturbation service, this service is done in

naked, basically this is Massage + Hand Esute(masturbation)


SM Kurabu(SMクラブ)

SM club (Sadism & Masochism)  



Onakura/Hando Esute(オナクラ/ハンドエステ) 

Masturbation club, where you can get masturbation from escorts,

the price is very reasonable compare to any other sexual serviced

clubs, they also provides more than 50 options for extra of charge

such as oral sex, be naked, use pink rotor and so on.


New Half(ニューハーフ)

New half is a transsexual escorts club, but definition of new half is

a bit different to trans gender, basically, they are mentally female

but has female breast and male penis at the same time.

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