Momojiritsuma and Kyonyuu question
2013-10-19 19:48:38
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1. Can I order 3P from Momojiritsuma? Also using online ordering I don't see how to specify girl name.

2. Are there any Kyonyuu places that I can go to or order from? Looking for very huge chest but not fat. Natural or implant is fine.

Thank you!

2013-10-23 01:00:24
1. if you want to nominate girl you can nominate girl on the phone.
they will call you after making online reservation anyway so you can nominate available girl at the time. I am not sure if they provide 3P course.

2. You can also ask them if they have girl in your taste
2013-10-23 16:16:17
Thank you so much for information and wonderful website!