Hello, guys be sure about what you ask
2016-06-13 22:11:48
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I asked rainbow about deriheru. I picked a woman and decided the time.

She came exact time I asked but woman was not what I asked to them.

They sent me different woman and the woman gives me very limitted service.

She denied kiss and did not give any service and she left without filling 50minutes full

service. She was not kind she seemed very bothered and did not want to do with customer.

Everytime you have a service , you better check with their name and age. If they send you

different woman, you have to cancel it and call them and complain about what they deliver.

I hope that you guys have fun time not failling about your choice. good luck.

2017-08-18 01:59:38
Shit... what a rip-off. Not even a kiss... Fuck.