2014-08-11 21:41:36
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Hi all,

If you remember, for members whose follow this website since a while. than Ascots soapland was on the list few years ago.

I visited Yoshiwara last week-end, I was going to go to Kings club, but the staff of Ascots invited me to visite his shop. I decided to change mind and went in.

The shop is looking old, but it's clean inside they offer me a drink and then we start to discuss about the price. He start by announce 75000 Yens, But for me it was to expensive. As I speak Japenese, I explain the situtaion I proposed  60000Yens, I know it's still expensive but it was my first expérience of Soapland and they explain than them shop is high level Soapland, and the concept is only 2 hours play.I accepted and paid 60000 Yens.

I went in anothere waiting room, I got a new drink and I was waiting my turn. I was waiting about 15 minutes the girl take me by hand to a small room with a bed, a bathtub and a mat.

The girl was cute slim and very kind. with perfect tits. For the next I don't explain the details but I got amazing 2 hours play, and she was pretty good for mat play.

So I recommend this shop if your have money, and may be if you speak Japenese as me you can have a discount. In November I schedule to return in Tokyo and I will try another one to compare.

Thank to read me. And sorry for my poor English^^

2014-12-02 16:10:40
Thanks for share us your good experience.

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