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2014-07-15 14:10:53
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Hi, I came back after few years without post. But I need some information about your soapland list. I will go to Tokyo at the beginning of august.

First what's happen to your soapland list? In 2012 I think at least 8 soaplands were on the list.

My first request is for the soapland in tokyo, I know than normally they provide good service, but i'm little bit scare when i see the price, the both of your soapland are 25000yens, the price is mostly close to 60000yens in some other club who provide good service. My questions are wich service they provide, the girl on the list are they true picture and  are they all gaijin friendly?

My second request:
My situation change, and i'm living in Japan now, in Nagoya, but Aichi is very poor in club, escorts or soapland that accept Gaijin, actually I could only enter in Oppai bar and esute while my japenese skill increase. Some people are talking about Gifu soapland but i didn't try yet.I don't know if you have contact in Nagoya but it will be a pleasure if you can find some information.


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