Miku @ Kings Club
2013-11-28 01:58:51
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Good evening gentlemen,

I was wondering if anyone here has had any experience trying to pick the girl of their choice from Kings Club. From what I have read here in the few other posts scattered around the Forum Kings seems to be pretty gaijin friendly, but I know this is up to the girls on an individual basis.

Specifically, has anyone had any experience with Miku? Shes the girl with the largest cup size (K) on the site.

I would definitely like to book an appointment to go see her but I have never been to a soapland much less paid a girl in Japan before. This is all very new to me and I don't want to fuck up my chances with this girl in particular since shes tops in my book. Not enough girls in this city with a body like that...

I guess my other questions would be if there is any etiquette in particular for Kings Club that I should know when I try to make the appointment? If I am initially turned down or if the girl does not like the idea of being with a foriegner is it acceptable or ok to offer a higher rate to try and convince them otherwise?

Any and all info regarding this would be much appreciated!